Looking for someone to walk the journey with you? Online Coaching is a great option for you!

So WHY Online Coaching?

  • You get the services of a Personal Trainer at a fraction of the cost.
  • Your program is tailored to your needs and goals.
  • Structured sessions throughout the week.
  • A Coach to walk the journey to your goals with you!

Pricing on our Online Personal Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching:

What’s included
Body Assessment
Detailed Body Assessment (Recommended every 6-8 weeks)
R550 (once off)
Basic Weight Loss or Weight Gain Program
Online Weight Loss & Toning or Weight Gain Program
R550 (monthly)
Let’s Get Going
Personalised exercise plan, nutritional advice, weekly report and feedback if required.
R850 (monthly)
Let’s Get Serious
Initial Body assessment, personalised exercise plan, nutritional advice, daily feedback, 1 Body Assessment every 8 weeks, weekly report if required.
R 1250 (monthly)




*NOTE* If you would like to meet during the month in person or via Skype or WhatsApp Video, this can also be arranged and we charge an hourly rate of R450.00, or R350.00 for 30 minutes. Extra phone, Skype or WhatsApp time billed at R8.50 per minute, unless initiated by your coach.

For more information on Online Personal Fitness, Health & Lifestyle coach contact us.