Doug Rathbone

Doug has been in sports and performance training his whole career. Having started as an intern at the High Performance Centre in Pretoria he quickly moved through the ranks and began overseeing the training regime of the National Women’s soccer academy based there. While doing so he was involved in the National rowing program, providing sport science analysis to training and testing. This included the boat that won gold at the 2012 London Olympics.

From there he took a position at Kaizer Chiefs football club to implement and oversee the physical training and performance management systems that would align with senior team training.

Now lecturing at the University of Pretoria, Doug has continued to develop the training programs and systems he has implemented across various sporting codes and now works with individuals to achieve their training goals. A coach who believes in balance, Doug has learnt to adjust training based on training requirements as well as the day-to-day balance of modern living. He loves a challenge and believes there is no greater reward than seeing his clients achieve their goals.