Jono Cloete

Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Coach, Online Personal Coach, Personal Strength & Conditioning Coach. @jonocloete #theboss

About Jono Cloete

Jono Cloete has been in the health and fitness industry for the past 12 years. In 2005 he started his career with USN as a nutritional consultant and spent 2 years learning more about the health and fitness industry and has been working in the industry ever since. Jono’s passion is to see full health, body and lifestyle transformations. Jono is a personal health and lifestyle coach as well as a personal trainer and he specialises in body conditioning. He believes that being healthy is not only looking good on the outside but also looking good on the inside – Body, mind and soul. Jono started UFO SA in the beginning of 2010.

Specialities and Skills

Functional Fitness
Weight Loss
Body Conditioning
Complete Lifestyle Change

Louise Carter

Wellness and nutrition coach, online nutrition coach @louisecarter104

Wellness and nutrition coach, online nutrition coach

Louise Carter (RDSA) has completed her BSC in Dietetics at Stellenbosch University, a Diploma in Sports Nutrition from the International Olympic Committee and a Diploma in Functional Medicine. Louise has been in private practice since 2008.

Louise’s passion lies in sports nutrition, weight management in adults and children, lifestyle improvement and gut health.

Having completed 6 Marathons, 4 Ultra marathons and a number of ultra-distance triathlons, Louise knows how training takes its toll on your energy levels. She understands what a difference good, holistic nutrition makes to improving times and performance.

Having been in practice for 11 years, Louise knows that each individual is different and there is no one “blanket approach” to lifestyle changes. What is suitable for one person may be inappropriate for the next. Each plan will be tailored to suit you as an individual, your needs and your preferences.

She has done work for some of the National Cricket, Rugby and Soccer teams and so has had first-hand experience with putting her knowledge into practice.

Louise is registered with the HPCSA, ADSA and SASMA.

Mike Herbert

Instructor, Massage Therapist, Chiroractic Student @mikeherbert_ufo

Mike is currently a chiropractic honours student at the University of Johannesburg (MTechChiropractic). He has always enjoyed group classes and was previously a spinning instructor. He takes pride in motivating others to reaching their goals through a challenging and fun environment and has always been very active be it from climbing Kilimanjaro to ironman half and full triathlons. He is fascinated with the anatomy and physiology of the human body and its connection with physical exercise and believe strongly that regular exercise improves both physical fitness and a healthier state of mind.

JP van Zittert

Instructor, Massage Therapist

About JP van Zittert

JP van Zittert is a registered Industrial Psychologist as well as Fitness Professional.

He has been in the fitness industry for 8 years given group exercise classes. He has a passion for connecting the mind with the body and bringing the best out of his clients.

When he is not teaching he is completing endurance races. From Half an Full Ironman, Ultra-marathons to open water swims like Midmar. He has a passion pushing the mind and the body to its limits and then changing those limits, be they mind, body or emotional.

Specialties and Skills:

Endurance Training
Functional Training
Strength Training
Body conditioning