is a fantastic offering that is designed for the beginner runner [walker ;)] as well as the advanced and is a running and flexibility based class designed around getting people running fit as well as flexibility. RunFlex focuses on all the parts of running training that runners often don’t work on for themselves. The truth is that you could easily go and do a 5km run on your own but are you going to push yourself and work on the area that really count on race day.

The classes are 60 minutes with 45 minutes of running. The running segment of the class is made up of different levels of running intensity, sprints, intervals, shuttles and other running drills, while trying to cover the maximum distance and that is followed by 15 minutes of flexibility training focuses specifically on areas that need to be flexible on the run as well as muscles needed for good running posture.RunFlex 2

Remember all Urban Fitness Outdoor SA classes offer three fitness levels, and it doesn’t matter where you are fitness wise. BEGINNERS WELCOME! Come and join us for a free trial week to see what RunFlex is all about.