Urban Fitness Outdoor Bryanston – The Oval Office Park, Sloane St, Bryanston

Class Information:

Venue: The Oval Office Park, Sloane st, Bryanston

Classes on offer: BodyWeight & BodyBurn

Class Times: BodyWeight – Monday & Wednesday at 18:00pm – 19:00pm. BodyBurn – Tuesday & Thursday at 18:00pm – 19:00pm.

When: For live class schedule please visit http://www.urbanfitness.co.za/schedule

How to get there: From the highway take William Nicol, Turn towards Sandton. At the first robots turn right into Sloane st, just past the Engen Garage turn right and immediately left into the Oval Office Park. At the gate tell the guard your are coming to UFO and they will let you in. Turn right and follow the road.

What you need to know:

  • Our classes are designed for participants of all ages and all fitness level.
  • We cater for anyone who is looking to take control of their body and lifestyle, get fit, get strong and get into the outdoors.
  • In each class we offer and entry level, intermediate and advanced class.
  • Our instructors are all passionate fitness professional who love seeing out clients lives impacted and moving forward.
  • You can start our program at anytime and we offer a free trial week if you’d like to come and see what classes are all about.
  • For BodyWeight classes you don’t need to bring anything along for the classes, everything needed is provided by us. For BodyBurn classes you need to bring a set of light weight dumbbells along to the class. Don’t get to brave with the weight 😉
  • Even if you are “fit” enough to start a fitness program, don’t let that keep you away from class. Our coaches are ready and waiting to start the journey towards a fitness, stronger, healthier you.
  • Come expectant, with some realistic, achievable goals in mind. Remember that fitness is a journey and we are here to walk the journey with you every step of the way.