Tim Hill – 36 – UFO SA Lonehill – The thought of fitness terrified me. Gym was paid for but never used as I was unmotivated, self-conscious and worried about looking like an idiot whilst figuring out how to use the complicated equipment. I joined UFO and found that the phrase “it’s fun to move” holds true. It is addictive being outdoors and getting a head to toe workout with a group of like minded people. An hour out of my day is not a lot when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle in both body and mind. Good company, great instructors, 100% professional support and a choice of times and venues is more than what a standard gym contract can offer.

Monique Hart – 25 – UFO SA Benmore – After moving to JHB from Namibia, I started cycling as a hobby, I struggled to find the right motivation or exercise that would help improve my fitness.  I joined the gym, but it felt like something was missing. I then heard from a work colleague about UFO and decided to join the week free trial class and completely fell in love. The motivation that comes from the trainers is awesome and each and every class is different, which makes you want to come back for more. Another great thing about UFO is that one gets categorized  into the right level of fitness so that you do exactly what you can manage.  I could feel great improvement since joining UFO and I am looking forward to someday being in the red team 🙂

Thank you to Jono and the great Team of UFO

Mark Zerf – 53. UFO SA Groenkloof – After recruiting the services of personal trainers at the local gym, I felt frustrated as I was still far from the intended goal. I decided to find a gym buddy that I would be accountable to and visa versa but that commodity is all to scarce. I stumbled upon the Urban Fitness Outdoor SA website and was invited for a FREE TRIAL SESSION. I was so taken with the fitness concept of working as a team in the outdoors and how creatively the program was structured. I rapidly achieved a greater level of fitness as did my weight drop some five kilograms. I gained overall strength and agility in a short time.The euphoria, the release of endorphins, the open space in your head comes with the package and I am ADDICTED! Thanks so much Urban Fitness Outdoor SA. Oh… And did I mention that I will be 53 this year, so this is for young and a bit older!

Asante Kapanga – UFO SA Lonehill – Looking back at my first ever class with UFO SA in May of 2011, I can’t help but laugh. Here is someone who had never done a sport in her life or stepped into a gym. I must have been crazy considering push-ups, sit-ups, BURPEES were never part of my vocabulary.

My first 10km was almost a disaster; I prepared for it by running around the block twice on the Wednesday and thought that was all the training I needed for Sunday.   Safe to say, that was the beginning of my adventure with UFO SA; the longest run I have ever done in shoes I got from Mr Price!  1h51min later, I eventually made it to the finish line with help from UFO SA members who stayed to cheer me on. At that moment, I could not understand how coming last was anything to be celebrated until I returned that Monday and had members congratulate me for taking that bold step to be active.

Armed with my new pair of running shoes (a gift from my company), food advice from a nutritionist, I closed my eyes and signed up to 5 boot camp sessions a week.  I have since lost over 20kgs during the whole process. I am more easy-going, work more efficiently, and am excited about what the outdoors has to offer. I sign up for both road and trail runs every chance I get…

Sharon de Villiers – 48. UFO SA Randburg – I am almost 49 years old and had done NO exercise for years due to various injuries. I saw the UFO SA offer on wicount and on impulse I bought it, thinking that if I hated it it was only R89 “wasted”. I very nervously started class in September 2011, and I haven’t looked back! I LOVE IT, am totally addicted to my bootcamp. It is fun, you meet nice people of all fitness levels so you never feel stupid. We work hard, but laugh a lot in class. My backache and other aches and pains are a thing of the past, and I have lost 17 kilograms into the bargain. My energy levels are up. It is life-changing and I would recommend UFO SA to everyone!

Darren Kelly – 43. UFO SA Lonehill Urban Fitness Outdoor SA represents what lifestyle training is all about. The combination of cardio and weight training coupled with an outdoor environment and like-minded people training together is the ultimate recipe for success from a fitness and health perspective. I wish I could attend the more than 3 classes a week I currently attend and urge anyone considering the UFO SA lifestyle to take the plunge and rediscover the fun in training and keeping fit!

Alexa Botes – 26. UFO SA Lonehill – I joined Urban Fitness Outdoor SA in August 2010 and I can say that I have never enjoyed exercising more than at the park in the ‘Great Outdoors’. The classes are interactive and most of all fun. There is a personal level that is maintained between all the members and the trainers. (Lots of laughs and encouragement). Each class is different come rain or shine and I have met some wonderful people in the last 6 months. A bonus is that I have lost weight, toned and have become fit and strong. I look forward to every class and I wouldn’t exercise any other way.

Stephen Campbell – 26. UFO SA Lonehill Urban Fitness Outdoor SA is the most fun way to get in shape and enjoy the outdoors at the same time! Doing it in a group, which encourages you to do your best is fantastic! After a few classes you can feel the difference as you get fitter.

Timothy Kock – 24. UFO SA Lonehill Urban Fitness Outdoor SA was introduced to me by a good cycling friend to help me improve my sustainability on longer races so that i could break into the top 10 of each race I ride instead of just being a finisher. Not only do i enjoy the company at class but I see it as a way to make sure that I train on a regular basis instead of going home to “recover” on the couch. Since starting Urban Fitness Outdoor SA I have become a definite force to be reckoned with in the Singlespeed cycling community and it has inspired me to make sure that when I go to Singlespeed World Championships in August 2011 I will be going with not only my best foot forward but with the best fitness of my life!! http://www.facebook.com/#!/turtleko33

Emanuel Loulie. UFO SA Lonehill – I have been a part of UFO SA since December 2010. Until then I’d been searching for a more exciting… as well as FUN way of staying fit. UFO SA Lonehill is a sweaty affair mixed with fun, laughter and a great but diverse group of ‘strangers’ and professional instructors! Its become a lifestyle change choice for me!

Nick Schild – 30 – UFO SA Lonehill – So here I sit, with just over three weeks to my first Comrades Marathon and although the butterflies are starting to swarm, the support I have received from family and friends has been inspirational! The following paragraphs tell the story of how I got to today:

So 19 months ago, and before the comments start I was still in my twenties (Just), when my gorgeous fiance, Taryn/Taz, at the time decided that this overweight (not obese, picture a little more to cuddle), lethargic, mal-nourished over-worked and not to mention 30 cigarette a day smoking, drinking lump to Urban Fitness Outdoor SA

What is it this Urban Fitness Outdoor (UFO SA), let me explain it a little further, according to the Web Site (http://www.urbanfitness.co.za/) you “take control of your body and lifestyle¨ as well as “Become a Healthier, Fitter you¨.
Heard it all before? Well I sure had and the idea of joining a bunch of healthy over-achievers was not my idea of fun! Needless to say, the trial class showed me how unfit I truly am, but also introduced me to individuals who were all on the same goal path as me, to be a better me. I still managed to enjoy the cigarette straight after class! (Only smokers can relate) Taryn had signed us up for the following month in preparation for our wedding and honeymoon (Beach Body) that happened in April 2011. We had 5 months to get into shape, child’s play I hear you say, but it had been a good couple of years since any form of exercise had graced my body, the challenge had been set.

UFO SA has three categories Green/Yellow and Red, and I was more than willing to start at Green, knowing that my lungs and lump of a body would be pushed to the limit in this category. The first class that I attended was given by Jono Cloete (Founder) and as I am sure that Jono will testify, I was a challenge to get moving as the running was just not an option for me. I remember having to run 20 meters after burpees, with arms on my head saying, how the hell am I going to do this. Jono would tell me to rest when I needed it and to run when I didn’t want to because I was being lazy. It got easier…

The progression to yellow and red followed when, as my body was getting fitter, my mind was also growing in confidence to tackle one of the biggest vices that I have ever had, and that was to quit smoking. I stopped smoking on the 7th January 2011 and have not looked back since. I now understand what the website means with “take control of your body and lifestyle¨.
UFO SA has given me the confidence to tackle obstacles that before November 2010 were not even dreams, but more like distant in another lifetime type challenges.

Before I continue rambling on, let’s put some time-lines out there:

  • Started my lifestyle change 19 Months Ago
  • Quit Smoking 17 Months Ago (Yesterday)
  • Got Married 13 Months Ago (Tomorrow)
  • Ran my first race (10 KM) 12 Months Ago (Next Sunday)
  • Time since my first Half Marathon 7 Months Ago
  • Time since my last Ultra Marathon (Two Oceans) 1 Month Ago Yesterday

Some numbers that you may find interesting:

  • Total Running Kilometres Since 1st January 2012 1012 KM Recorded
  • Total Running Kilo Calories since 1st January 2012 89 000 – Recorded
  • Total hours run since 1st January 2012 112 Hours
  • Total Kilograms Shed since lifestyle change 8 KG
  • Total Body Fat Reduction since lifestyle change 11 %

* Results vary for person to person and are not guaranteed.
* Testimonials are the personal opinions of the people concerned based on their personal experiences.