So why should you choose UFO BodyBurn Group Outdoor Fitness Classes?

  • Our classes are FUN AND FOR EVERYONE!

  • We offer 3 DIFFERENT FITNESS LEVELS – Entry Level, Intermediate & Advanced.


  • We are not a military boot camp program, NO ONE is going to bark commands at you!

  • We don’t run 4 week programs, so you can JOIN THE PROGRAM WHENEVER YOU WANT want and there is no need to wait for the end of the month.

  • Our Group classes bring A SOCIAL, FUN aspect to training.

BodyWeight @ Urban Fitness Outdoor will help you?

  • Tone Muscle

  • Correct Posture

  • Get Stronger

  • and Have a whole lot of FUN doing so!

  • Contact us for an obligation free, FREE TRIAL WEEK you have nothing to lose! Take this opportunity to come and join us at class to get a feel for what UFO BodyWeight Classes have to offer.

  • Would you like to bring a friend? Check out the UFOBring-a-Buddy“ system

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