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Training programs these days are easily available to the public. A quick internet search with training and the sport you participate in and you are sure to find a number of training plans and options. The quality of these programs is for another discussion all together. So why a coach if there is so much information out there?

A main reason is the quality of what is available on the internet, this is a driving force for why I am involved in coaching to begin with. Ultimately, at the end of the day a training program is a piece of paper. It is one-way information that you read and interpret yourself. The best results come form a training environment where there is communication, a two-way flow of information from trainer/coach and athlete. It is this continuous feedback that gets the best results. Why? Because as information is shared and training is monitored, the plan can be altered and tweaked to ensure sessions are appropriate and effective towards the training goal. Adapting to factors in our daily lives such as sleep quality and duration, work hours, travel, social and family time- regardless of what you want to achieve in training we all have to balance these factors. They all play a role in our physical state and therefore have to be considered when planning and implementing a training program.

These factors vary are unique from individual to another. So take the time to talk to someone- share what keeps you from training, what challenges you face and the good coaches will be able to develop a plan to make your training efficient and effective on a consistent basis and from there, the results are endless.





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