Cycling in the Concrete Jungle – June 18, 2012

Cycling in the Concrete Jungle – June 18, 2012

Winter is here and it’s the time when most cyclists hang up their bikes and head indoors. Or, it’s the best time throughout the entire year for keen cyclists to seek alternative forms of training, hence our link to the folks at Urban Fitness Outdoor SA. Then, once they have tried it, they’ll be back for UFO SA training all year round.

There are those few cyclists who brave the cold and continue to ride in the dark, before work, with whatever lighting and warm clothing they can get their hands on. As the old saying goes though, ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing’.

The cycling lifestyle in Gauteng is not the next big thing, it’s now! Take up cycling, jump on a bike and explore areas in Johannesburg that most people did not even know were there, it’s the answer to stress problems in the ‘concrete jungle’. It’s a little known fact that Johannesburg is actually one of the greenest cities in the world (in terms of greenery), if not the greenest… so get out there and take it all in.

Case in point would be a 3 hour ride along the banks of a river, from Paulshof all the way to Emmerentia and back, with a stop in for coffee half way. It’s a tough life we life, behind bars (handle-bars)

We at Complete Cyclist promote the lifestyle of cycling, which includes the sport of cycling and the social side of it too. It does not matter if you want to meet new people or just keep fit, cycling is a sport enjoyed by more and more people each year.

Complete Cyclist is in the heart of Northern Johannesburg, offering a wide range of services and products, along with great advice and a friendly network to tap into. For any cycling needs, pop in and see our store, or check out our website on

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LOVE the ride, LIVE the lifestyle !

Mike Hewan

Complete Cyclist, JHB

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